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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For The Love Of Resin Collaboration 2015

For The Love Of Resin Collaboration 2015

Carmi Cimicata over at I Love Resin invited artists to participate in another of her fabulous collaborations. Each artist was sent two heart bezels. One to keep and one to send back. There were no rules. Just a return deadline, plus we were asked to use resin or jewelry clay.

Shown below is my heart creation plus the lovely words of Carmi to describe it.

Artist: Carla Collier

Carla is today's special spotlighted heart.  I am sure you all agreeing that this submission needs extra recognition.  In her own words "so as I sat at my craft table, pondering what I wanted to do on this project, holding and looking at these cute little heart bezels, the light bulb went on.  I'll use jewelry clay and bond them both together.  Much like two lover's hearts being bound together."
The project took her over a week to complete.  The placing of her adornments occurred first and then over several days she poured in tiny amounts of resin.  All her embellishments look like they are suspended in water.  There were trials and tribulations as she taught herself new techniques to wrap two bezels together.  I think it turned out brilliant and in the future I can't imagine working in one bezel without contemplating if I could join two together like Carla did.

I decided to use both hearts in my design. And though it's a bit hard to visualize, my heart is one piece .... one side of the piece is a beautiful aqua color and the other side is a lovely lime green and pink. Two Hearts in one .. add a chain and merely decide what color mood you're in. 

Here is the link to Carmi's site where my piece is featured:

Be sure and check out the other artist submissions for this collaboration ..... they are beautiful and brilliant.

Enjoy .... !!