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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Nutcracket Market

To kick off the holiday season I always look forward to the Nutcracket Market.
It ran from November 13th through November 18th.
The Houston Ballet Guild's Nutcracker Market has become an annual tradition to kick off the holiday season. November 13th through November 18th.This shopping extravaganza, held at Reliant Center, features holiday decorations, food, clothing, jewelry and even furniture.

More than 315 vendors participate from across the country in this annual event which offers unique gifts for the entire family. You can find anything from home decor, clothing, toys, candles, sporting items, novelties and much more.

The Nutcracker Market has a long history dating back to its inception in 1981
The following pictures are just a very small taste of what I saw and experienced at this market. The vendors kind of frown on people taking pictures, and I was very careful not to upset anyone.

A very cute wrap bracelet.

There were many colors and styles.

Boots boots and more boots! Cowboy boots are the "in" thing for this season. And I must tell you, there were some beautiful boots at the market. And if your boots aren't beautiful enough, look at the pretty boot socks with lace just peeking over the top!

There were also these cute adornments. The lace and flowers are so sexy.
All types of boot pretties.
I especially loved this one ... the black and tan flowers, and the gorgeous rhinestone type brooch.
This one was gorgeous too, though I did not care for the boots which it was displayed on.

 A cute hat. Just different size fabric flowers sewn on it.

 All kinds of hair decorations .... bows and clips.

And oh my goodness ... the jewelry. This is like a blimp on the radar screen. Anything you could imagine and all price ranges. You want to spend $10 or $500. They had it all.

Look at these chunky earrings .... so cute.

And these, I just love them.

I hated to see this guy mounted, as I love animals .... but he was certainly adorned with bling bling and more bling.
Headbands are the rage too.

And just look at these hats! Simply adorable.

 So next year, mark your calendars for the Houston Nutcracket Market in November. I could have taken hundreds of pictures if I were allowed ... so much to see. Did I mention food and drinks. So many vendors with food items galore. What could be better ... food, drinks and shopping.
It was an awesome day. I always look forward to it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Love Fall

Cleaned up my front yard. Too bad it won't stay this way very long, once the leaves start to fall. And boy do they fall ... and fall ... and fall!
But for now i'm going to enjoy my leaf free front yard.

Look at this adorable face .... meet Beedy! She was found in a bush at my work on a cold and rainy day. She was only 1 week old and without a doubt would not have made it if we had not brought her into the office. I offered to take her home until we could find somewhere for her. Uh huh .... you can see how that turned out! But oh how I love this little girl.

This poor birdhouse is in need of some TLC. Unfortunately it is in my neighbors yard, not to mention it is about 30 ft. in the air. The birdies don't seem to care that it needs a paint job though.

I love this iron kitty. Adds some whimsy to the yard.

I've had this mum plant for a year ... and just like clockwork it is blooming just in time for fall.

Have a mentioned I love yellow.

This succulent has the prettiest red flowers that bloom is the summer.

My aloe vera is so happy. Sure comes in handy after a day at the beach and a bit too much sun. I just pull a couple leaves, cut the barbs off and place in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. When you need it, just peel the skin off and rub on your *hot* skin .....ahhhhhhhh!
Happy Fall Everyone!!