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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Reindeer Ring Bling

Look at this cute little ring I made. Yes .. yes .. I know, kind of impractical, but cute don't you think!!

While I was at Michaels I found these adorable little deer and trees. I just knew I wanted to try and make something with them .... what to do? *light bulb* ... a ring, why not!
So I gathered my supplies .... various glitters, a cute filigree ring blank, my little woodland cuties and trees.
I started by mixing my Envirotex Jewelry Clay using equal parts of each. After mixing it thoroughly, I formed the shape on my ring blank to support my deer and tree. Once I had the shape I liked, I covered the clay with glitter. I trimmed the base off the little tree and actually trimmed down the lower branches a bit so it wouldn't stick up too high. You have a couple hours till the clay dries so you have time to play with placement. Once I had my deer and tree set, I left the ring to dry overnight.
To finish my ring, I had to have more bling. So I used some E-6000 glue and carefully placed some rhinestones all around the base of my ring. And because more is better ... I even added some glitter to my little tree ... now kissed with snow and sparkle.
Isn't it cute?